How to create mowing strips

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Acting as a nice separation between the lawn or natural gravel and those delicate flowers or planter beds — garden edges or borders not only keep the plantation safe from any mulch or stones from the outside, but also make the overall landscape so much more attractive. And, you have got a whole spectrum of options in terms of materials, including pallets, logs, bricks, wood, tiles or even stones to design a garden edge for your yard. Working for a clean and crisp division between the planting bed and the lawn, mow strips can be built from a variety of materials, including lovely square-shaped pavers as this one.

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When installing lawn edging, it's a great idea to take it a step further and install a mowing strip next to the edging. The perfect product for a mowing strip is concrete edging pavers. But the difference between mowing strips and other kinds of edging is that the pavers in mowing strips are sunk into the ground so that their upper surfaces are flush with, or slightly above, the surrounding ground.

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Needed a border between garden space and walkway. Casted a concrete edge using a modified rain gutter as a form. Steps will include equipment used, materials, modifying rain gutter, preparing for pour, preparing site and installation, and some trial and errors.

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I will explain why in this post, in which I will also show you how to build a mow strip using pavers. Update: I am compiling an e-book based on this entire post series on paver mowing strips. This post contains affiliate links.

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Complete Guide to Mow Strips What is a mow strip? A mower strip is a small architectural element that lives between the grass of a lawn and another element of your yard. That could be a raised patio, a flower bed or even a large vegetable garden.

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Properly installed mowing edge strips minimize or eliminate the need for supplemental trimming. Various edging materials serve to separate areas within a landscape, effectively containing mulch, soil and ground covers or excluding turf grass, foot traffic and lawnmowers. A mowing edge strip is created when the edging material is set precisely so it is flush with, or only slightly above, the soil surface. That placement allows wheels on one side of a lawnmower to travel atop the edging without the mower's cutting blade hitting the edging, maintaining a neat lawn border with no additional trimming needed.

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Pavingexpert Search. On This Page Mowing strips are used at the boundary or edges of a lawned area and provide a flat, non-vegetated strip that makes it easier to mow against hard edges such as walls, or to retain the grass when it lies against, say, a flower bed or similar.

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Mowing strips, regardless of their complexity and ornamentation, are essentially paved borders that separate gardens from lawns. In addition to the functionality that comes from not having to worry about cutting the grass too close to your garden plants, they add aesthetic appeal that, if coordinated with other paved areas in your landscape, contributes harmony and visual balance to your property. Mark the location of your mowing strip with garden marking paint. With your marking as a guide, use a spade to cut through the sod to a depth of 6 to 8 inches and a width of 6 to 12 inches.


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