Yogurt for vaginal health

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Union said she picked up some vanilla-flavored yogurt, then got to work applying it—with little success. So she called back her friend, who recommended using a straw from a local fast-food joint as a makeshift applicator. Union didn't say whether the yogurt worked.

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Is it a yeast infection? You could have BV or bacterial vaginosis, if you want to get clinical. Here are the facts:.

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She has written extensively about food and nutrition, having co-authored seven cookbooks. She also published "Our Own," a book about older-child adoption. Although there is limited research into yogurt's relationship to vaginal health, eating yogurt or inserting it into the vagina is a popular folk remedy for vaginal infections.

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A healthy diet affects every part of your body—and your lady parts are no exception. Remember way back in chemistry class you learned that pH is the measure of how basic or acidic something is? Everything from exercise to stress to sex can change the pH of your vagina, but when your vagina is healthy, it can usually maintain its pH balance all on its own. When vaginal pH does shift, the vagina becomes a better environment for bacteria and other organisms to grow, leading to yeast infections and especially bacterial vaginosisan itchy infection that may also leave you smelling less than pleasant south of the border.

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Good bacteria, the same types that are in your gut, are essential for sexual health too. Here's how to keep them in sync. They're tiny but powerful.

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Unbalanced pH. Sounds like chemistry class, right? Literally — because when you feel different down there, like with a new odor or more-than-usual discharge, it could be a sign that your vaginal pH is off.

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You are what you eat, and apparently so is your vagina. Your diet affects pretty much everything from your menstrual cycle to your moodso eating the best foods for vaginal health can help keep things running smoothly down there. Your vagina, like your gut, requires healthy bacteria to fight infections and maintain a normal pH.

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Ever seen those commercials where people eat yogurt to regulate their digestive system? There are reasons yogurt is touted as a health food, and lactobacillus acidophilus is one of them. It also produces vitamin K and lactase, the enzyme that breaks down the sugars in milk products.

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Powered by WordPress. Ladies, for a healthy, feel-good, orgasm-rich vagina, it starts with your diet. Not only are sweet potatoes a delicious alternative to traditional potatoes, they are also incredibly effective in the maintaining of good vaginal health.

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By now, you know that food affects every vital organ in your body—and yes, that includes your lady parts. Probiotics are good bacteria that live in your intestines and play an essential role in everything from mood and weight maintenance to balancing our immune system. But then again, not everything is a sweet potato. Another plus to probiotics?


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